Have you been experiencing pain in the side of you hip?

Lateral (Outer) hip pain is a common complaint and it previously was thought that Trochanteric Bursitis was to blame, however recent studies have suggested that this is most likely a secondary symptom as it is rare to exist on its own. The most likely cause is Gluteal Tendinopathy which is associated with overuse and subsequent weakness of the muscles and tendons in the hip which will in turn cause increased pressure and irritate the bursa.

If you experience increased pain with any of the below, you may have Gluteal Tendinopathy;

  • exercise or when climbing stairs
  • lying on your side in bed at night
  • sitting in low chairs or cross legged
  • getting in and out of the car
  • standing with more weight on one leg; such as carrying a child on your hip

The most common risk factors for gluteal tendinopathy have been found include female gender, weakness of hip abductors, excessive hip adduction and poor hip and pelvic control and poor lower limb biomechanics.

With an accurate physio assessment to identify the underlying cause and early treatment including soft tissue release techniques and specific individual strengthening program to address your impairments, you can expect to see greater improvements and get back to pain free activities.

If you think you may have a Gluteal Tendinopathy or are experiencing any other type of hip pain, book in for a physio assessment today!